Larch Mountain Hike

14 miles and 4,000′ in elevation gain.  There were about 10 cars in the parking lot when we arrived at Multnomah Falls, but it was a zoo of humanity on our return.  Lunch was a cold ordeal in the snow, but we were prepared with layers, hats and gloves.

Multnomah falls 03

Love the sign in the zip lock bag held down by a rock, “Bridge Damage, 1 Person at a Time”

Bridge 02

kevin large tree 02

Kevin trail

moss 01

Multhnomah creek


Larch Mt snow Ann

Larch Mt snow kevin and ann

Overhang on trail

Trillium 03

Bridge 04

3 Responses to “Larch Mountain Hike”

  1. karen Says:

    AnnMarie…you must come by our new home in Zigzag. Just up Lolo Pass Road…i’m sure you know right where it is with all your hiking and camping! I’ll be in town next week sometime and i’ll put your ‘items’ in my car and drop them off at your home. Weather this weekend will be wonderful! You must come by…anytime!!

  2. susan webster Says:

    Beautiful pictures….yucky cold!! We’re swimming in the pool now…come on by!! No mountains (or even hills!!!) to climb but lots of bys (bayous) to navigate!!

  3. firstlightdesigns Says:

    You got some really beautiful photos! Just saw your Swoon Quilt photos, too — stunning!

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