SWOON Quilt Goes to Three Arches

Late yesterday, we headed to Three Arches by Tillamook.  Not being a beach person, Kevin lured me by the promise of finding agates while he took photos.  I finished my 80″ square Swoon binding on the way and hauled the quilt down to the water for some photos.  It’s quilted with 1/2″ straight lines.

Quilt Three Arches 01

Swoon folded by ocean

Swoon whole

The back is not very creatively pieced, but used some fabric that I had at home.Quilt Three Arches 03

This tunnel connects the two beaches.

Three Arches Tunnel

Many, many paragliders were in the sky.

Paraglider 06

Paraglider 05

Three Arches sunset 04

Three Arches sunset 10

… and my agate, sea glass and heart shaped rock haul cleaned up on a really ratty wash cloth.

Anns haul on Agates_hear shaped rocks and sea glass

3 Responses to “SWOON Quilt Goes to Three Arches”

  1. Merilee Says:

    Where do you keep your heart shaped rocks?…..it has been many many years since I’ve been agate hunting. That first shot of the quilt is my very favorite…perfect picture! Oh!, and a lovely quilt too.

  2. anotheryarn Says:

    Beautiful – I love the contrast of the quilt against the rocks too.

  3. Christine Sherman Says:


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