Jacob’s Supersized Ladder

A nephew graduates from high school in June, so another quilt needs to be made.  His favorite colors are blue and orange and his name is Jacob ~~ thus, Jacob’s Ladder in 15″ blocks.  He is forever helping my dad with circuit board stuff, so, “Mechanical Genius” fabric was located in blue. ~~ perfect!

Jacob Ladder Fabric

Last night at the guild meeting, I won a wall hanging that was made by Bella.  Thank you so much!  I am very lucky!

Hat wall hanging


Here is the quilt that Polly won.  At a recent guild retreat, the women used donated fabrics to create this “hat” quilt.  I quilted it and Shirlene embellished and bound it.  The embellishments are fabulous!

Hat quilt


4 Responses to “Jacob’s Supersized Ladder”

  1. susan webster Says:

    The hat quilts are really cute….can’t wait to see Jacob’s Ladder when it’s finished

  2. Merilee Says:

    Blue and orange, wonderful colors! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. Joanne Thomson Says:

    OK, that’s it! I need to make one of those hat quilts, except as a wall hanging. That is one of the cutest things ever. Ann, you are not only lucky, you deserve to be lucky.

  4. Shirley Rossetti Says:

    OH I think THIS one is MY faaaaaavorite!!!!!

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