Three Doll Quilts

Since my daughter has baby fever, here are three doll quilts in case we ever get a granddaughter.

Doll Quilts

Hand pieced by my mother and me many years ago and long arm quilted recently.  28″ x 36″.

Hand Pieced Burg

Hand Pieced Burgandy

Left overs from a class with Karla Alexander and machine quilted on my little old Bernina 830.  17″ x 17″  My friend, Joanne, took the class with me so the pieces are a combination of both of our quilts.

K Alexander scraps

Hand pieced and hand quilted by me.  From the book, “Quilting from Little Things“.  19″ x 22”

Quilts from Little Things

3 Responses to “Three Doll Quilts”

  1. Merilee Says:

    ..hmmmm…you could always do a GI Joe quilt in case they have a boy….is there camo material???

  2. Joanne Thomson Says:

    Ann, these are beautiful. What great memories. What do you mean Sarah is having baby fevor. Dare we hope? Good use of leftovers from the Karla class.

  3. Joanne Thomson Says:

    Opps, sorry I mean fever!!

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