Trillium Lake Backpacking Getaway

Another splendid quick jaunt up to the mountain for a night away in our tent.  The hike is only 4.75 miles total.

cook area

The dock where I carved out a little space to cook at the edge with a great view of Mt. Hood over to the left.  Kevin is standing on the right.

helicopter pad

Kevin and Ann

Trail conditions 03The lights are from Timberline Lodge Ski Area.

Trillium lake mt hood night

Trillium lake tent night shot

4 Responses to “Trillium Lake Backpacking Getaway”

  1. Cathie Says:

    The photo of your tent with Mt. Hood in the background is spectacular!

  2. Merilee Says:

    Cathie…I agree! My favorite!

  3. runandsewquilts Says:

    Ah, Merilee, that’s because your brother took the photo! xoxo

  4. susan webster Says:

    Yes, I like the colorful lights in the tent picture but ugh!!!! you can have the snow….I will never come back there to live!!!!! The southern sun is for me till the day I die….
    What you say??? Never say never??

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