Terrific Time in Texas

What an amazing time in Austin and San Antonio!  My friend is most hospitable.  Thank you. Jackie!

First was the Salt Lick Bar-B-Q with my friend, Jackie and my sister, Frances.  This may have been my first BYOB.

Salt Lick

At Quiltcon, the Modern Quilt Guild used all the blocks not chosen for the Quilt Guild Challenge Quilt to create 46 quilts to be donated for the Austin Children’s Shelter.  I found my block.  Whichever guild put together the quilt did a wonderful job.

Quiltcon donation block

The Michael Miller Booth



Sunday, after church, we headed to San Antonio (with a quick peek at the Alamo) to visit a cousin and aunt that we haven’t seen in way too many years.

Jim Aunt Frances

On the way back to my friend’s, we stopped in San Antonio for the River Walk and a fabulous Margarita.  Google it and see all the wonderful images.

Yesterday, we headed into Austin to hang out.  My friend joined us for lunch at Shady Grove.

Bat statue
Jackie and Ann by river
Shady Grove

SRV Jackie and Ann

Water on river






One Response to “Terrific Time in Texas”

  1. ec Says:

    ooooooh. looks like a fabulous time! looking forward to hearing more about it. ❤

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