Quiltcon: Here we Come !!!


Here is the only civilized photo of my sister with me that I can locate.  It was taken a few summers ago when we hiked a part of the AT with two Eagle Scouts and my niece.  In about 24 hours, we’ll be visiting Austin together.


Joining in on the Quiltcon Link Party, here are five facts about me that others may not know.

1)      My husband and I were married in Yosemite nearly 27 years ago.  His dad was a ranger and they lived in the park when he was a child.  We celebrated our 25th anniversary there with a black bear in the back country ~~ not a pleasant experience at the time.

2)      I am the oldest of eight and my youngest sister will join me at Quiltcon.  She is flying in from Philadelphia.  I made her wedding dress here in Portland and hand carried it to her wedding.

3)      We all use my dad’s REI number because it is only four digits (7733).

4)      Running has been my main source of exercise for over 30 years.  My husband and I met in a running club.  My sister and I will be staying in Austin with a former running partner.

5)      My next in line sister, my mom and I all worked at Catoctin National Park as historic interpreters for seven years.  We demonstrated spinning, weaving, quilting, cooking and many more old time crafts.  I was 11 – 18 years old then.


Here are five things about my sister.

1)  She married my brother’s college roommate.  They were married at a lovely chapel quite close to the Appalachian Trail on the MD/PA border.

2)  She drinks those little creamers right out of the tiny plastic tubs.  Our grandmother apparently let her drink them.

3)  She can twist hundreds and hundreds of pretzels early in the morning.  She owns a Philly Pretzel Co. with her hubby.

4)  She believes that she is the only female under the age of 80 years old with the name Frances.

5)  She carries green tea and peanut butter in her purse at all times.


Here are three purses I made with the Modern Quilt Guild challenge fabric, Madrona Road.  One is for my sister, one for my running partner and the third is for me.  They are all the same front and back.

Quiltcon purses

3 Responses to “Quiltcon: Here we Come !!!”

  1. Kathy C. Says:

    Cool facts about the two of you!!! 🙂

    My 6-year old daughter’s middle name is Frances….she’s named after her maternal great-grandmother’s…my mom’s, mom’s name was Frances and her husband’s name was Francis, both born in the ’20s…their nick names were Fran & Smitty (last name Smith)….how much more KC, MO could they get??

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    LOVE this most AnnMarie. Have a great, SAFE trip. xoxo, ec

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    oops! POST, not most! geez.

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