Solitude on Boy Scout Ridge

Kevin and I spent a night on Boy Scout Ridge with Mt. Hood so close!  There was one rather tough hill to get up ~~ so tough, I was crawling up in places.  We were not certain how we’d get down, but ended up strapping our snow shoes to our packs and  stepping hard into the snow all the way down.  Kevin hauled a sled up, so he had fun sliding and we took a fun running photo this morning.

Morning Run

Sled 3

Morning Coffee

Hill UP a

Boy Scout Ridge tent morning light

Boy Scout Ridge night tent shot

Boy Scout Ridge Mt Hood morning light

This is the kitchen I dug out so that I can stand and cook rather than sit in the snow.  It was so windy this morning, that I used the step to prepare coffee and breakfast.


Hill Down

One Response to “Solitude on Boy Scout Ridge”

  1. Merilee Says:

    I was enjoying two homemade soups that Vicki made….

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