That’s Where it Went

My husband found my sock in his sweatshirt while fueling up his truck.  Did it have to be a “quilting girl” sock at the truck stop?  Is this better or worse than the time my son stood up in high school and someone mentioned that a sock had fallen out of his shirt?

sockThere is still time to whip up a Valentine quilt.  I saw one on google images and it was easy to figure out using the ” Lil’ Twister” tool.  Mine finishes at 31″ square.

Twister HeartI bound it at a Mental Health Safety Training for volunteers that work with homeless.  Here are most of the sleeping bags and mats that our guests use at our shelter.  We host approximately 40 adults each night.



One Response to “That’s Where it Went”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    oh. emmm. geee. I love Valentine’s day so much and this is why! Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! This quilt makes me happy, AnnMarie. LOVE IT. xo, ec

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