White River Backpack in 5 Degrees

Man, that was a cold night.  I had my sleeping bag, lighter sleeping bag, what I generally wear plus hat, gloves, snow pants, then added my son’s parka liner and used hand warmers for the second time in my life.  5 degrees in Government Camp (3950′) and we were at about 4600′ under a beautiful starry sky.  It was a cold, cold night.  I do feel success at putting the water bottles in our boots in our tent with hot water and it not freezing like my contact solution and everything else.

Shoveling the kitchen area last night.

Shoveling kitchen

Dinner cooking

White River tent at nightWhite River.

White River

Mt Hood White River Panorama

Our “Mt. Hood Gothic” ~~ a take off from “American Gothic”.Mt Hood Gothic

Kevin heading up the hill to slide down.Kevin climbing up to slide down

This is fairly close to where we crossed the White River on the Mt. Hood Timberline trail last summer.Hood View

Morning light on Mt. Hood.Morning light on Mt Hood

2 Responses to “White River Backpack in 5 Degrees”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Great pictures!

  2. Merilee Says:

    Makes me ache just looking at them..

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