Western Meadowlark Quilt

My Oregon Garden’s Quilt Show Challenge Quilt is on its way to the show.  My quilt measures 23″ x 21″.  I used a bottle of Elmer’s Glue and broke seven needles quilting it.

Three of us from our Westside Quilter’s Guild have submissions.  The 6th Annual Stitches in Bloom Quilt Show runs Jan 25-26 from 10-4 near Salem, OR.

Western Meadowlark

This Christmas quilt was finished just before Christmas.  I used fabric I had here and some that I purchased from the estate sale back in March.  It measures about 60″ square.

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 back

3 Responses to “Western Meadowlark Quilt”

  1. Jami Says:

    I’m dying to know what the Elmer’s glue was used for?

  2. runandsewquilts Says:

    Jami, Everything in the center of the challenge quilt is just cut out from the fabric we were required to use and glued onto a foundation piece. I don’t think any one piece was more than 2.5″ square and many smaller. The bird is the fuschia iris flowers in the fabric. It was really stiff when I quilted it, but after washing it was fine.

  3. The Oregon Garden Says:

    We love your quilt, thanks so much for submitting it. And we hope to see you at the show next week!

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