A Few More Ribbons and a Few More Finishes

My friend, Carole and her friend Bella went to Salem to retrieve several of our quilts from the Oregon State Fair.  Due to budget issues, this year’s quilt area was quite different and we aren’t sure that’s a good thing.  However, I am pleased with my submissions and the ribbons that came home.

On their outing, they stopped at Greenbaum’s in Salem and spent my gift certificate that I won at the Oregon Garden’s show last February.

This is my first “layer cake” and I am excited.  Carole knows what I like and she didn’t disappoint.  My intent was that they purchase things for themselves, but they said they enjoyed choosing for me.  Many thanks, you two!

The church’s Fall Festival mid-October has been switched up to the Dad’s BBQ this weekend.  We were asked three weeks ago to put together a quilt booth.  So, here are a few small finishes:

The pantograph on the Halloween Houses is “Raindrops” by Urban Elemenz.  It’s in the “free stuff”. 

One Response to “A Few More Ribbons and a Few More Finishes”

  1. Merilee Says:

    I just love the pinwheels!

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