Timberline Loop

My husband and I completed Mt. Hood’s Timberline Loop.  It is a 42+ mile trek around the mountain.

In 2006, a canyon was washed out where the trail crossed creating a huge gorge.  We crossed up at the base of the Elliot Glacier.  It was a 4+ hour ordeal.

Last year, the Dollar Lake Fire burnt a large section of the north side of Mt. Hood.

Typical trail markers especially around river crossings or to follow the trail through rocky terrain.

One of the many river crossings.  These totally unnerve me !

Our attempt at a commercial for Lara Bars!

Kevin’s favorite view of the mountain.

Ramona Falls.

Kevin on top of Split Rock in Paradise Park.

The view last night out our tent window.

Soup and chips at Timberline Lodge!

Disclaimer:  I could never have passed the glacier or rivers without the help of my husband and he wouldn’t have eaten without me.

One Response to “Timberline Loop”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You two inspire me!!! Great job!

    I did PTC this weekend, only walking 10 miles….it’s something, but still, YOU TWO…awesome!!!!

    ~ Kathy

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