Swoon Left Over Quilt

I got to finish binding two quilts during the recent road trips.  The first is the left-overs from SWOON as seen on another blog which eludes me at the time.  It measures 51″ square. Note:  A Quilting Life is the blog with this idea.

The next finish from Terry Atkinson’s California Crusin‘ pattern book and measures 60″ square.  It is for my children’s pre-school teacher’s son who was married this past Saturday.

Here are a few photos from our trips to Astoria, Timberline, Portland and Seattle.

The filming of the TV series, Grimm, in Portland.

The Pacific Crest Trail behind Timberline Lodge.

Glass Blowing at Fernhill Glass Studio in Astoria Oregon.

A home where The Goonies was filmed in Astoria, OR.

My dad looking like he did as a boy and my husband acting like a boy.

My father is a staunch Republican and a FOX News lover.

One Response to “Swoon Left Over Quilt”

  1. Merilee Says:

    Kevin! Didn’t your Mom ever tell you if you did that your face would stay that way???

    P.S. Love the quilts. The first is so colorful next to the neutrals of the second

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