A Big Surprise for me !

My father and nephew arrived from Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon.  We headed to the Tuesday Market in downtown Hillsboro ~~ which, by the way is huge these days.  Upon arrival back at our home, our USMC son had flown in to spend time with his grandfather.

The airport lost his luggage, then found it and arranged to have it on our doorstep.  Only problem is that someone stole it off our porch in the middle of the night.  He purchased new clothes which isn’t an easy task for a 6′ 4″ 170 lb. man.


2 Responses to “A Big Surprise for me !”

  1. Merilee Says:

    What a nice surprise!…and so sorry about the luggage..hope there wasn’t anything of value in there besides his clothing.

  2. Willy Wonky Says:

    Old Navy would probably be a good bet. The clothes are reasonably priced and fit tall guys comfortably.

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