Oh Drats !!! No One Likes it !!!

What I thought was a great idea has met some adversity here.    My plan was to make a fun “airline friendly” bag that meets the overhead luggage restrictions.  Everyone here thinks it’s WAY TOO BRIGHT !!!  OK, even the lady at the fabric store crossed her eyes when she looked at my choices.

I basically copied a bag that I have here, but there is a great tutorial for a smaller size here.

9 Responses to “Oh Drats !!! No One Likes it !!!”

  1. Merilee Says:

    You didn’t ask me! I love it! I’d take it through any airport!

  2. Merilee Says:

    P.S…..the only thing missing is elephants!

  3. deb levy Says:

    I think it looks great!

  4. imperamagna Says:

    Bright? Nonsense… it’s PERFECT!!!

  5. Donna VW Says:

    I love it too! And it will never get mistaken for someone else’s bag!

  6. Rachel Says:

    I like it, and no one else will ever grab it by mistake!

  7. Jami Says:

    What matters is that you like it! (and so do a bunch of us)

  8. Frances Says:

    Love it!!!

  9. Vicki Says:


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