Selvage Quilt Finished (Sixth)

My sixth selvage quilt is finished.  It’s titled, “Not Intended for Children’s Sleepwear Two” and is for my friend who is building on their “Century Farm“.  She loves frogs so they are on the back.

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting “QuiltCon” in Austin, TX in February.  A former running partner lives there and has said yes to me staying with her if I go.  Here are the fabrics I purchased for the challenge.  Several online stores have fabrics ready to purchase.  I added the stripe because I’ll probably make a second of what I submit for myself and this is perfect binding.

And I made a 10″ square purse to take to Kentucky this weekend.

One Response to “Selvage Quilt Finished (Sixth)”

  1. Merilee Says:

    The selvage almost looks three dimensional. I don’t remember your doing a quilt in solid colors before. I’m sure you have…I just haven’t seen it.

    Me me me!!! I love the 10 x 10 purse! It’s perfect for “anything”…while traveling.

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