A Fabulous Trip

What a wonderful time I had with my friend, Joanne in Paradise.  Murphy, the dog, ate three granola bars out of my backpack so I had to remove all “smellable” items and put them up high.  We worked on and finished several projects and spent time with her two sisters.  This quilt top ended up finished with a light lavender inner border and it’s ready to quilt once a back is chosen.

The topper to the weekend was that Horizion Air offers a complimentary beer or wine.  I chose a Ninkasi Doube Red Ale.  Plus, there was a great view of Mt. Shasta and an incredible sunset coming into Portland.

2 Responses to “A Fabulous Trip”

  1. susan Says:

    Love your blog….was that Paradise, CA??

  2. Joanne Thomson Says:

    Ann, I had such a wonderful time. You are the greatest friend ever and I really appreciate your putting up with Murphy. He can be such a pest but he is still a dear little dog and now he loves granola bars!! Can hardly wait to see you again. You are such an inspiration.

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