Vintage Quilt and Top

Two vintage quilts with two different purposes.  My sister purchased one for me through a group called ECHO ( ) in the Springfield, VA area.  It is hand quilted and measures about 72 x 76.  Thank you Donn, it’s absolutely lovely.

The second vintage piece was a top a gal from church picked up somewhere.  I purchased a backing & batting and quilted it.  This quilt measures 64 x 80 and has some really fun plaids.  It will be in our parish school’s auction.

My dad should be heading home from Hershey Medical Center today with his “heart” quilt and newly arranged heart.  I’ll be with him in a little over a week for a little over a week.

4 Responses to “Vintage Quilt and Top”

  1. imperamagna Says:

    Your dad looks GREAT with his heart quilt…

  2. Joyce Says:

    Your Dad looks great and I’m happy you get to visit him in person…. nothing does a heart good like a hug from a daughter!

  3. karen Says:

    that picture of you dad makes me smile!…he’s wrapped in LOVE ❤

  4. Joanne Thomson Says:

    Beautiful quilt – I especially like the boarder (hee hee).
    Your Dad looks great. Please greet him for me. See you soon – getting really anxious.

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