25 Year-Old Backpack Passes Bear Test

Since Kevin and I were in California for a nephew’s wedding, we planned a backpacking trip to Yosemite.  It’s 25 years since we were married in the chapel in Yosemite’s valley.  Our trek was up in the 8500′ elevation of Tuolomne Meadows.

Our first “bear canister” rental for $5.

A log crossing.  I absolutely despise these ~~ so much that I can’t carry my pack across the log.  Usually, I can talk someone else into the task.

Here is a very cold (snow run-off) river crossing with a current strong enough that every step needs to be planted firmly.  Once we got across, talking wasn’t possible for a few minutes.

We followed all bear procedures and were so glad when Yogi strolled by our cooking area.  After spending some time with us, it wandered over to our packs to smell around.  Finding nothing interesting, it came back to us.  A five-minute episode and one banged up pan later, we were safe.

This is the view from our tent of Cathedral Peak and Unicorn Peak.

One Response to “25 Year-Old Backpack Passes Bear Test”

  1. jeri Says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. The site looked absolutely beautiful, but the bear……not so much!

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