Drats !! Double Drats !!

I saw it coming so…   Columbia River Quilting to the rescue!

This is the second rescue this quilt needed.  Fabric Depot in Portland shipped the batting and it arrived the next day ~~ ok, it’s only 20 miles or so, but they are amazing in my opinion.

My niece’s Wisdom Quilt is growing so…   Boersma’s to the rescue on the Fairy Frost.

The 40th birthday quilt for my sister is missing enough fabric for the binding.  I can pick that up myself without having to have it mailed.

Here is my finished pinwheel quilt.  I love it!  Thank you Elizabeth for the inner borders and backing and Frannie for mailing the outer border from PA.

It’s from, “Let’s Twist” by Marsha Bergren.

2 Responses to “Drats !! Double Drats !!”

  1. Vicki W Says:

    The pinwheel quilt is so cute!

  2. Merilee Says:

    I love the pinwheel quilt…it’s just so different.

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