A 19th Birthday and Quilts in the Making

Andrew turns 19 today, thus, the obligatory lopsided chocolate cake.

Here is a quilt that needs binding.  It’s a raffle quilt for a friend who lost her mother this year.  She found key tags for Boersma’s in her mom’s drawer, purchased the fabric, had friends piece the quilt and gave it to me to finish.  Isn’t the fabric beautiful?  The raffle is to support women entering college whose parents didn’t go ~~ I think.

Here is the DS fabric from Joann’s.  I used it with a Moda bamboo blend that I do not like at all.  However, it’s for a sister’s 40th birthday and she’ll love it.  Now to get to quilting it.

2 Responses to “A 19th Birthday and Quilts in the Making”

  1. Merilee Says:

    It’s chocolate AnnMarie…who cares what it looks like???

  2. Donna VW Says:

    Don’t you mean a sister’s 50th birthday?????? It would match my basement!

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