A Typical Package From Mom

Here is a typical package I get on a regular basis from my mom.  The only thing missing is a manilla folder with dreams of quilts she hopes to make or ideas she hopes to use.  Usually, there are quilt blocks to put together.  This time, it’s the rows of yellow blocks she pieced for me until her eyesight went bad.  With the blocks are her templates ~~ sometimes cardboard, sometimes plastic that my dad cuts for Mom.  From www.hearthsidequilts.com is a batch of selvages as well as scrap ends.  Mom added some needles she purchased in China many years ago and yardage.  This time, several yards of FABRI-QUILT rust at $2.95; a Quilt Gate brown for $4.49 and a Timeless Treasures brown for $4.49 a yard.  She loves a Mennonite quilt shop just out of her town.  There are also cross stitch pieces and patterns.  Thank you, Mom, for all the packages you have sent over the years.  I enjoy finishing your projects and using the fabric you send. 

2 Responses to “A Typical Package From Mom”

  1. Merilee Says:

    Having a Mom who quilts with you must be fun. She is always sending you treasures!

  2. elizabeth Says:

    i LOVE this post. you are both so good to eachother! ❤ ec

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