Quilters Unite at Buxton Trailhead

Look who I ran into at the end of a hike today!

Can’t tell who it is?  Well, it’s Sue from www.alderwoodquilts.com beginning her hike with her husband and dog.  She was on top of the railroad trestle and we were below.

Poor Sue and hubby!  The rain has begun and I’m off to do some sewing.

2 Responses to “Quilters Unite at Buxton Trailhead”

  1. Kathy C. Says:

    Cool! 🙂

    Hey, my mom met you at JoAnns yesterday (I think)… Small world!

    She needs to get involved with the guild, but for learning more about quilting…not the meeting aspect of it, that’s the only reason I hadn’t suggested she join….I can’t attend on Monday nights anymore, so I might still send her on a night you guys have a guest speaker…..

    Thanks for all your continued creative goodness, I love reading your blog and seeing all your amazing work!

  2. Sue H Says:

    Fun running into you, too! We were just out for a short walk so it had just begun to rain when we were almost back to our truck.

    We are so fortunate! We can see the linear trail from our house. It’s such a peaceful place to take a walk.

    Unrelated question- do you have a post on your blog about those cute lanyards you make?

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