Two Down and More to go…

I finished binding two of my larger quilts and have many smaller ones to finish.

Here is one my friend pieced and I quilted and bound for her.  It’s a Christmas gift for a guy friend.  We used double Hobbs 80/20 batting so it is very thick and heavy.

Here is one for a wedding this weekend.  The groom is an Eagle Scout with our troop and his dad has been the Scoutmaster and my son’s leader for many, many years.

… and the back.  I quilted it with Square Spiral and am so happy that I didn’t purchase a single new piece of fabric for the entire quilt.

Tonight, I should get more accomplished as I’m at the homeless shelter again.  This one is Family Bridge and we house three families.  It is a walk in the park compared to the Cold Weather Emergency Shelter.  I’m there next week for three overnights.  My husband and son will accompany me on Christmas Eve and that makes me happy.

2 Responses to “Two Down and More to go…”

  1. Donna VW Says:

    That sounds like the best Christmas present ever!

  2. Merilee Says:

    A very nice Christmas Eve!

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