Another 50 Year Old Friend

We have a birthday party Saturday for a friend and I made her one of my funky log cabins.  The back has Hawaiian fabric since she was born in Hawaii and that is the theme.

The Revels quilt is ready to hand stitch the binding and sleeve to the back.  I am very pleased with it and hope it brings lots of money to the group: . 

My inspiration came while checking out a gal who was featured on the Selvage Blog and lives in Omen.  Where on earth is Omen?    Her blog is  and has a quilt with a rabbit coming out of a hat on Oct. 25.  Thank you for the great idea!

… and a little closer to see the quilting.

2 Responses to “Another 50 Year Old Friend”

  1. Merilee Says:

    AnnMarie…your “funky” is always fabulous!!

  2. Janet Says:

    Great quilts! I LOVE that log cabin. Someday I’ll start piecing again, I have about 5 of yours I want to copy lol.

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