Binding to do on the way to Mt. Hood

I have plenty to keep my busy on our drive to tackle the south-east side of the Timberline Loop.  We’ll hike from the lodge east to Elk Cove and back, spending the night along the way.

First is my New Wave ( ) with left overs from the Round Robin our quilt guild did last year.

Second two are left overs from the Church Raffle quilt.  We have very little fabric left and we used most of the 80 triangles that were cut from the original quilt to create these 35″ish square table toppers.

And Carole and I had fun making these 21″ish toppers.  She did the one on the right.  Both have the pumpkin backing that I used on mine on the left.

One Response to “Binding to do on the way to Mt. Hood”

  1. Merilee Says:

    I love the material combination in picture two. And, by the way, I have one afghan completed, even weaving in the ends. Just need to sew in my label and wash… down, three to go :o)

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