New Quilt Fabric

First, thanks to Stitchin Post for the gift certificate.  I used it Friday at NW Quilt Expo and purchased this kit from Valori Wells and a reusable bag that is fabulous with Jean Wells’ book on the outside.  They must have sold a ton of the bags (with zippers) since I saw an incredible amount of them on women’s arms.

A week ago, Craft Warehouse had their flat folds for $2.99/yard and that is a steal!  I picked up enough fabric for the top and back of a quilt I intend to make for a niece and her family.

And tonight is a surprise birthday party for a member of our Sunday night “Homily Uncorked” group.  Nick turns 50 and is a “Mountain Man” and homebrewer.  Inside the pouch that I made is a gift certificate to the Main Street Brewery so he can get some supplies.

It was tough making it look manly.

2 Responses to “New Quilt Fabric”

  1. Karen Walker Says:

    you are incredible Anne Marie! always inspiring!!! I was at the expo on thursday….what fun! and your gift cert from the stitch’n post was well deserved….your quilts at the fair were amazing!!!

  2. Merilee Says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the material!

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