Raffle quilt quilted and ready for binding

Ta Da !!!   I finished quilting this last night and will put the binding on today so all that will be needed is to hand stitch it down and make a label.

The great points are compliments of Carole ~~ the perfect piecer!

… and the back.

8 Responses to “Raffle quilt quilted and ready for binding”

  1. margaret Says:

    The back shows how lovely it is!

  2. Cathie Says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous quilt! You both did a fantastic job. Will we have a chance to buy raffle tics? WSQG?

  3. Janet Says:

    Stunning AnnMarie!!! I absolutely love what you have done on this quilt.

  4. Deb Levy Says:

    Gorgeous AnnMarie!

  5. jeri Says:

    Wow that is beautiful!

  6. Terri Staats Says:

    Thanks so much for emailing me about your beautiful quilt! I’m so excited you chose my pattern for your raffle quilt. The piecing and quilting is exquisite! Love the fabric choices. It’s so fun to see what others do with my patterns. I hope the raffle is a huge success!
    Blessings~Terri Staats
    PS ~ I will link your post to my blog

  7. Merilee Says:

    Wow! Another favorite….the back couldn’t be more perfect for this quilt. I can’t wait to hear how well it does in the raffle.

    Congratulations to you and to Carol.

  8. Donna VW Says:

    Fabulous! The back is beautiful too.

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