Cooper Spur and More

In our quest to complete the Timberline Loop in sections ~~ that means twice since we do out and back hikes, we hiked the closure at Elliot Glacier to Elk Meadows trailhead (15.5 miles and a lot of elevation).  Here we are standing by Cooper Spur’s shelter (6,660′).  We switched to daypacks for the ascent of Cooper Spur (8,514′). 

That wee little trail you see along the ridge was where we walked to the spur.

At this point, there remains 2,000 feet to the top.  Climbers rope up here.

Our tent in the early morning light.  It was incredibly windy and we used big rocks to secure the tent.

One of 13 snow fields we crossed on our way to Elk Meadow.

A glacier-fed river.

Since we were above timberline, this is the trail marker.

One Response to “Cooper Spur and More”

  1. karen walker Says:

    wow!!! what a trip huh?!! glad you are back safe!! hey, have questions for you about quilting…will call ya soon!!!

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