Thank you Carole

Look what I found when I returned from the track meet last night…   Carole left some gifts for me:  selvages, two yards of fabric for quilting I did for Lulaby Quilts coordinator and a great pattern we both have been eyeing ( ).

2 Responses to “Thank you Carole”

  1. Karen Griska Says:

    Hi Ann Marie,
    I’m working on a new website which will be online soon called: I’d like to include a photo(s) of your Red Zinger. The only photo I have was taken at an angle. Do you have a better photo that shows the whole quilt? I think I’ll use the one with the red ribbon too.
    Your blog was so much fun to read tonight. Wow, the wedding anniversary, camping and all the gorgeous quilts. Even a new selvage quilt! What a treat.

  2. Janet Says:

    Hey if you ever make the pattern can you send me a picture. My sister would LOVE to see what you did with her pattern. (Me too)

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