Greek Odyssey Quilt on Display

My final 14 hour push yesterday completed the quilt except for the label.  It finished at 90 x 100.  The school auction is next Saturday evening.

and… OUCH !!  My husband had his first car accident in about 30 years ~~ and he drives 400 miles five nights a week.  He’s a very good driver, but had a moment of uncertainty on a back road.  My son reassured him saying that at this rate (no accidents Friday, one on Saturday…), our insurance should be cancelled by Sunday.

3 Responses to “Greek Odyssey Quilt on Display”

  1. Nini Says:

    The color combinations surrounding the center are stunning AnnMarie!

    What a wonderful son…and I am Kevin appreciated the wonderful assuranceb and concern :o)

  2. Janet Says:

    It turned out fantastic! I’m sure it will sell a ton of tickets.

    Sorry about the car, glad your DH is ok. 30 years is a great record, here’s to another clean 30 : )

  3. karen walker Says:

    wow…we need to get together….:)Beautiful work!

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