Ditty Bag Tutorial

I made 12 ditty bags for the seniors that are distance runners on my son’s Track & Field team.  Here are my directions.  It took a little over two hours from start to finish.

First you need 1.5 yards of rip stop nylon (Joann Fabrics has it); cord lock toggles (check e-bay for a good price or REI); thread and 1/8″ nylon utility cord (REI has it).

Cut rip stop nylon into 18″ x 15″.

On top of both 15″ side, zig zag about 3 inches.  Fold over the edge and straight stitch about 2.5 inches.

Turn under 1/4″ and then fold over 18″ top about 3/4″.  Pin.

Start at bottom corner and straight stitch across bottom and up the side almost to where the sleeve is. 

Then turn it around, switch to zig zag and go down side and across bottom.

Fold with seam in center and mark 2″ from side to center point. 

Straight stitch, cut and zig zag.

Thread cord through leaving 5″ on both side.  Sear with match or sauteing iron.

Put on cord lock and tie knot at end.

That’s it!  Guys love these!

3 Responses to “Ditty Bag Tutorial”

  1. Janet Says:

    You’re so thoughtful…and talented! Seriously AnnMarie you’re a saint!!!

  2. Donna VW Says:

    Manly, yes – but I like them too!

  3. Happy 4th of July | RunandsewQuilts's Weblog Says:

    […] for my sister’s birthday as well as 18 ditty bags.  My ditty bag tutorial can be found here.  The pillow is one block from “round&round” by […]

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