Homeless Shelter and Another Quilt

I have been successful in my commitment to staying one night a week with the homeless since Dec. 1st and have signed up for three more nights to fulfill my personal commitment until the end of February when the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter closes.  I’ll continue volunteering at Family Bridge monthly.  Wednesday night, we housed our capacity of 35 and for the first time, we didn’t have any children.  8 were women and two of them were first nighters.  We start our shift at 6pm and I have to leave at 7am to get home for work, but most stay until 8 to finish cleaning up from breakfast.  There are five overnight hosts and we each take a 1.5 hour stint being awake in the hall assuring everyone’s safety.  The other few hours, we can sleep.  I got almost three hours and this is my “space”.  Right past me is another host’s cot.  He separates the men’s from the women’s space.  The door is a sleeping room for women, so I try not to bump the wall as I turn over at night.  Guests get cots or mats, sleeping bags and pillows.  I pieced together two couch cushions and a leather chair cushion with a sheet over and my “honeymoon” sleeping bag.  Look how nice it matches the wall.  I’ll have to change my pillow case next time to make it match.
One of my younger sisters picked out most of the fabric in this quilt and I added a few.  The pattern is from Happy Hour by Terry Atkinson.   I’ll be mailing it next week.

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