Quilts and Epiphany

I have three borders on the New Year’s Quilt and I ran out of fabric.  Drats!   I need 6.5″ more.  I think the dark blue on the far left needs to be taken out for a lighter one?  Comments?

The binding is finished and the label is on my “Fractured” quilt.  The pattern can be purchased at http://www.materialobsession.com.au/epages/mama12093.sf/en_AU/?ViewAction=View&ObjectID=79850&Page=2 .

And today is the 12th Day of Christmas:  The Epiphany of the Lord.  Finally, our Wise Men have made it to the Nativity scene…  This is a very old set from my grandmother.  Who chewed off the animal’s faces?

Today is the day we bless our home.

Happy Epiphany!

3 Responses to “Quilts and Epiphany”

  1. Merilee Says:

    No, it’s perfect!

  2. Merilee Says:

    Oh! and I do love that bed….

  3. Margaret Says:

    I like it as is. If you have enough with just 2 borders forget the third. Pretend the binding is border #3. And I like the flashes of dark blue. The MO quilt is so vivid! Sweet dreams!

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