New Year’s Quilt

I pride myself with never getting the flu, but my husband and I started New Year’s Eve with “issues”.  Between napping throughout the day, I worked on my sister-in-law’s quilt dubbed my New Year’s Quilt.  She sent me several pieced of fabric and left the rest to me.  This is what I picked with for the colors she sent.

Here it is laid out.  We did switch up a few of the pieces.

And here is the afghan she is working on to match it.

5 Responses to “New Year’s Quilt”

  1. Merilee Says:

    What a lucky girl I am! I must say that it all shows up so much better on my work monitor than at home. Was darker there. It’s beautiful AnnMarie!

  2. kayp Says:

    looks like stained glass. i like it!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Holy Moses…I thought that you were handling diamonds but they are half square triangles…So nice! What is the deal with the paisley on the bottom?

  4. Merilee Says:

    I’m sure the paisley will be the border, and it’s perfect!

  5. Margaret Says:

    I love me some paisley. Niiiiice.

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