Stove and quilts, what more?

The stove is fixed!

The St. Nicholas quilt is bound, needs only the label (which is prepared) and it’s off to my mom’s.  She hand pieced the squares and I finished it.

This quilt is for a friend’s daughter.  She and her husband are re-doing her room while she spends some time with her grandparents.  About 12″ remain to be hand stitched down and a label needs to be prepared and installed.  It’s another finish from the book Material Obsession and can be found at .

2 Responses to “Stove and quilts, what more?”

  1. Merilee Says:

    And what was the first meal on the newly repaired stove? I hope nothing with a double boiler!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Gorgeous quilt! I am obsessed with the Material Obsession book. I am not emotionally ready for the second one yet.
    I love the idea of polka dots and dresdens. I made my own last year, from vintage blocks. The centers were huge polka dots, centered. I’ll get around to posting it on my own new blog (
    Thanks for your inspiration. Thank goodness your sewing machine was spared, right?

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