More Christmas stuff…

Yesterday, we put the tree up ~~ tradition here to keep Advent and then get the tree as close to Christmas as possible.  This angel is dated 1992 from a friend, Karla.

After all the snow pictures coming this way from relatives back east, we e-mailed them with the following…  You think it’s cold there.  Well, Andrew came back from his run with icicles!

Last night was my third night at the emergency cold weather 90 day homeless shelter.  The lights are on all night and there are people walking around all night going to the bathroom.  Not much sleep for us hosts, but we served 26 adults and three young girls.

Here are some vintage ornaments I picked up down town.  The ones in front are Shiny Brite and made in West Germany.  They are dated and ready to give.

Also finished is this runner for our friends, the Goodapples.  Notice the print???

And a few favorite items.  Two stockings that my sister-in-law, Merilee, made for two of my children years ago and an ornament from the 60’s that a few of us siblings have.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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