CRAP !!!


So, I bought those Wilton chocolate melts so my son could make the cookies where you take two Ritz crackers, put peanut butter in the middle and dip them in the melted chocolate.  He was happy about this, but we couldn’t find the double boiler.  We used two of the same size pots instead.  Once finished, they wouldn’t come apart.  After trying everything, my husband put the pot on the stove.  The pressure from the boiling water sent the top pot propelling up into the cabinet, breaking it and a bunch of stuff inside, then back down onto the glass stove top.  CRAP!!!  $275 for a new top that our son-in-law will help my husband install next week.  I think I can still use the left burners.

6 Responses to “CRAP !!!”

  1. Janet Says:

    Sorry about your stove and cabinets, what a shame. You know how I love your kitchen! But I have to say those cookies sound pretty darn good! I’ll have to try making some….with the proper pan lol.

  2. Lynne Demeter Says:

    Oh my goodness…that’s awful! I bet that was a mess to clean up. I’ve had some cookie failures this season, but by far, this is the worst I’ve read!! It can only get better from here….

  3. Kathy C. Says:

    Glad nobody was hurt….those have got to be THE most expensive cookies ever….again, glad nobody was hurt!

    ~ Kathy

  4. Donna VW Says:

    You better not let mom see the title of this post – she will make you get the soap…

  5. Merilee Says:

    Good one Donna! Lick the soap or bite it???

  6. Tina Says:

    Oh that sucks! I might have to try those cookies though hopefully with a little less drama. (ps, a pyrex bowl over a small mouth pot is what I use when I need a double boiler) I hope the installation of the new stove top goes smoothly!

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