Tree Skirt

I made the following tree skirt for my sister and mailed it as a suprise.  Yesterday, I got a call thanking me for the lovely cape.  You go Donna!  I didn’t finish the binding in this picture.  Maybe she’ll send one of it under her tree or around her neck???  Hint!  Hint!

I just love the back and have a few table runners pieced with the fabric and waiting to be quilted. 

Cold morning for a run at 24 degrees!  BRRR !!!  I wore a lot of extra clothes!

3 Responses to “Tree Skirt”

  1. Sue Hauser Says:

    Beautiful tree skirt! I love the simple elegance.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Great Tree skirt ! I think I have that pattern – will have to dig a bit to find it! LOL about your sister and the cape! My sister NAILED a lap size quilt I gave her over a west facing window! … Some people just have no clue to the value of a quilt!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Gail Says:

    I love the treeskirt. Red and White is always so classic. Was that a Simplicity pattern? On my list for next year, is a quilted treeskirt. This is definitely a contender. Sweet.

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