Potholders and more

It’s time for my annual Christmas potholders, pillow cases and other hand-made gifts.  I have my plan!  Currently, the potholders are in process along with 24 that I’m doing on commission for a daycare parent.

Out of 1 1/2 yard of the front and the same for the back, I can make 24 potholders.  First, I quilt the front and back on cloth.  One I use two layers of Warm n Natural and the other is Insul-Bright.  Then, I cut out my 9″ squares, sew them together, turn them inside out, hand stitch the opening closed and run a stitching line about one inch from the edge all around.  That’s it.  Lots of steps, but very easy.

Here are two I put together last week after my sister saw one on www.selvageblog.blogspot.com and knowing that I had the apple fabric, made her wish.  When she got it in the mail, she said she felt like a jeanie…  one blink of the eye after her wish and it was in her mailbox!

Happy 51 Anniversary Mom and Dad !

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