Directions for “Cartwheels”

My “Cartwheels” quilt is featured on today AGAIN!  Thanks Karen!

Here is how I pieced the quilt.

Cartwheels Directions

To get a 54″ square quilt,  I cut 18 each 13″ squares into Half Square Triangles (one cut from corner to corner of square).  I added the selvages to each side leaving the main color in the center.  See top left square in diagram.  My pattern making skills are slack, so the right side of the quilt is cut off in the directions, but you get the idea.

Cartwheel lavel



One Response to “Directions for “Cartwheels””

  1. Sarah Says:

    Since you took down the other quilt… Can I have it??? Just kidding. Don’t get rid of it though!

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