I have returned from my “sister’s weekend to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday”.  My daughter escorted me to BWI where my youngest sister picked me up and drove us to Waynesboro ~~ our family home to be with my parents and spend the night.

girls and parent

Then off to Mauzy for some shopping.


This was followed by the The Virginia Quilt Museum www.vaquiltmuseum.org and a tea lunch nearby.  Then off to two quilt shops on the way to Seneca Rocks for a rock climbing/chili cook off.  We hiked, drank a lot of beer and listened to a blue grass string band.  http://www.seneca-rocks.com/srcs_site/information/chili.html

Seneca Rocks trail

dad chili


After church, due to a mix-up, we swung by Liberty Mountain for a look at the new ski resort that is opened year-round.

ski run

Then, the biggest suprise:  a trip to New Riverm NC to have dinner with my USMC son.  It’s an eight-hour drive from Northern Virginia.  WOW!  Aren’t my sister’s great?!?!!!

Thank you sisters, nieces and daughter!

Demolition was finished on Friday and today the jack hammer is in full swing!

front w porcelain


2 Responses to “A GREAT LONG WEEKEND”

  1. Donna VW Says:

    Wow! What great sisters you have! (tee hee hee) Glad you are home safe and sound. Love you!

  2. myolivebranch Says:

    what a wonderful trip!

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