A few days until Fall Festival

Two days until our church’s Fall Festival.  It’s better running the quilt booth than the kitchen for 2000 meals which I did for ten years.  I still coordinate the making of applesauce and the potato peeling/cutting for the diner, but that’s EASY !

Here are the notecards I made.  30 will go to my quilt booth volunteers and the remaining 70 are for sale.  If they don’t sell, that’s fine, there are lots of options for them.


And on the demo scene.  Here is where the safe was in the school.


And, look, the AC unit finally fell out of the window.


Today, they took down a big center wall, but it was raining and pushing four toddlers in a stroller didn’t sound appealing to me.  We did drive around back and the “lead” did is still going on from the gun range.

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