Cartwheels fixed

I raised the quilt, “Cartwheels”, and it looks much better.


… and the latest in the school demolition…




Have a great weekend!  We’re heading to Silver Falls State Park with the Scouts!

4 Responses to “Cartwheels fixed”

  1. Lotta Says:

    I love your Cartweels quilt! It’s so bright and it really fits the space where you put it. How clever to make it out of selvadges!
    Lotta in Sweden

  2. kathy doughty Says:

    That quilt looks gorgeous in that spot sitting with the memorabilia. I wanted to post the photo with some Kaleido blocks but was too technically challenged. kathy

  3. Lynne Demeter Says:

    I just saw your latest selvage quilt on Karen Griska’s Selvage Blog. That is just unbelievable! How did you acquire so many selvages? I went through my entire stash last week, plus I bought 3 packs of selvage online and I still am not sure I have enough for the project I want to do! Anyhow, it’s just beautiful.

  4. Bari Says:

    Love the Cartwheels, and yes, it looks better raised a little! I love the colors in it. Absolutely beautiful!


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