A Hamster Ball???

Here is what I thought was my last selvage quilt, but I’m acquiring more selvages, so who knows.  I’m not sure I like how long it is here or the items in front, but for now it will work…

cartwheelsThis weekend, I taught a gourmet backpack cooking class at Boy Scout’s Order of the Arrow Conclave.  In the afternoon there was a great assortment of things to do:  sumo wrestling, flute making, cotton candy to eat and a hamster ball, and, of course, a service project to name a few.  Here are some pictures.



sumo 2

Sally Ann

3 Responses to “A Hamster Ball???”

  1. Sue Hauser Says:

    Sumo wrestlers with OA sashes- I can’t stop laughing!

    I have seen a lot of selvage quilts, but I think this is the prettiest one I’ve seen so far. I have my selvage pile here all ready for me to select a pattern. This just might be it! Oh- that’s after I make my selvage garden hat first.

  2. KatyK Says:

    Love this selvage quilt. Very pretty – love how you used various fabrics for the turquoise blue centers. Would you please share the sizes and how tos, please.

  3. Shawn Priggel Says:

    The selvage quilt with the four pt. blue stars is great. I really liked your red one, but I think the the blue one is even better. I meant to say congratulations last night for the ribbons and being a featured quilter on MQResource so I’ll say it now – congratulations! Great work! I have a bag of selvages I was saving for Deb Henry, but she has never come back to the guild mtgs so if you want it I’d be glad to give it to you.

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