A wet weekend backpack

We were to hike 25 miles on the northwestern part of the Timberline Trail.  The weather was so bad, we didn’t leave on Saturday, rather yesterday and did five miles in a lot of hail and rain.

McGee Trail


rock crossing

McNeil Shelterafter shelter

Here is Mt. Hood back lit.  Even if we couldn’t see all of it due to clouds at the top, it is always magnificent.  This is from McNeil Shelter, which we hiked up to from Carin Basin where we spent last night.  We ended up with a 12 mile, wet backpack.  I’m happy!

Mt. Hood looking up at shelter

I was able to bind this selvage quilt (to be named) in the car.

Selvage without a name

2 Responses to “A wet weekend backpack”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I love your selvage quilt. What size are the blocks? It is beautiful!

  2. Kathy C. Says:

    Hey AnnMarie (I’m Melissa’s friend that brought my 3-year old to the guild meeting last month)…finally found your blog! LOVE your salvage quilt…somehow I missed it at the Fair, but I was on borrowed time when I was looking at the quilts! ~ Kathy

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