For a godchild in France

My baby sister (#8 child) is going to France to be a godparent to a friend’s girl.  She had my mother hand piece a top AND a doll quilt to be mailed to me to quilt and bind.  The plain yellow she gave me to use was not all that cute, so a friend and I picked out this Flea Market Fancy by Free Spirit and a really cool stripe for the binding.  It’s much updated and very cute!


France quilt

My brother is a fabulous wood guy.  He made this box for my son out of an old chestnut barn.  Finally, I had the mat cut and it’s all finished now.

Eagle box

Major demolition is happening a door away.  The school is coming down.  Last summer, a new school was built in the adjacent lot where the track and soccer field was located.  Now this school comes down and we get three playing fields.  It’s fun to watch all the scoops, diggers, etc.  We are told 90% of the old building will be recycled.


Here are some old bottles they must have found.


2 Responses to “For a godchild in France”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I found bottles too with my old house I think they show when work was done.

  2. Merilee Newman Says:

    Regarding the bottles…AnnMarie, the one next to the 7-UP bottle looks like a Chivas Regal bottle. George’s favorite scotch…guess they had plenty of mixer. :o)

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