107 Miles Completed in New Mexico

We have returned from Philmont Scout Ranch, where we did itinerary 34 ~ the most difficult trek.  The weather was perfect for the most part and the bugs minimal.  In the 107 miles, we made the summits of Baldy, Tooth of Time and Mt. Phillips.  Undoubtedly, I would do it again!  Here my son and I are sitting on top of Mt. Baldy.

IMG_0132 IMG_0408A pack line…IMG_1297The Fourth of July.   I carried red, white & blue bandannas that were handed out in the morning!  It was a great day!


A massive “50 caliber” hail storm!


… drying out our rain soaked boots and clothes.

IMG_1459   IMG_1392Part of hiking Philmont includes a 3 hour conservation project. IMG_1511


One Response to “107 Miles Completed in New Mexico”

  1. Sue Hauser Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! And I’m sure they pale in comparison to the memories you have of the trek. Congratulations- I know you trained hard and prepared well for the trip.


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