Gregory Backpack Wants a Partner

Vintage Gregory Pack Wants a Partner (new, but sturdy like the old one) has an offer if they use your story in their blog.  Here’s hoping that they will use mine!
My Gregory Mt. Washington backpack is 23 years old and has been on countless backpacking trips beginning with my honeymoon back in 1986 on the Appalachian Trail to last weekend near Mt. Hood.  Lately, I’ve been adding the daypack from my husband’s equally-vintage Gregory backpack to the top of mine to accommodate a Camelback.
Our Boy Scout Troop’s Sisters, OR backpack the summer of 2007 with my son.
Here my son and I are near the base of Mt. Hood last weekend.  We snow shoed in with Scouts and spent the night.  Hopefully, this weekend will bring more adventures on another lake near the same area.  Certainly, I have way too much stuff hanging on the pack, but it works for me.
In addition to the more than 85 miles I used my pack for last summer, it went to Shasta-Trinity National Forest for ArrowCorps 5, a Boy Scout’s Order of the Arrow project in which we did trail maintenance on the Sisson-Callaghan Trail in early July.  Here is the pack line at the end of the work.  I can see my pack!
This is shortly after the “1986 honeymoon” with friends in Desolation Wilderness out of Tahoe, California.
Here is my Gregory Mt. Washington and Kevin’s Gregory pack shortly after our third child.  This is July of 1992.
Here is Kevin with his pack in 1997.
Kevin (with his Gregory pack) and Andrew last summer near Ramona Falls with Mt. Hood in the background.
The durability of our packs is incredible.  Having two left feet, I have tumbled down many trails and my Gregory pack has held up amazingly well.  My husband keeps thinking of getting me new gear, but I am so proud of my “honeymoon” pack and tent, that he never makes the purchase.  Thank you for the amazing design of our packs and the adventure owning them has brought to us and will continue to bring!  We are in the midst of many “shake-down hikes” in preparation for a Philmont Scout Ranch (New Mexico Boy Scout High Adventure Base) backpacking trek this summer.


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